9 essential elements in a CAPTIVATING About page

After your Home page, your About page is equally important.  

Have you ever landed on a web page, read some of that page but wanted to know more on what that site was about? That’s when you’d look for the About page, right?

Your about page is what your readers learn about you and what you do, so it can’t be vague. Instead, your About page must be captivating – easy and relevant to read, being both informative (helpful) and persuasive. So much so that I’d want to read your other pages.

Do you want more clicks on your site?

If I landed on one of your blog pages, for example the one on “How to start a blog” and if I found it relevant and interesting,  I’d want to know who you are and what your blog’s purpose is. So, I’d click on your About page to find out.

You want more clicks on your site, for sure!

Remember, people are interested in other people like them or who inspire them.  Therefore, they want to connect with you and you want to connect with your audience, more importantly.

What are 2 purposes of the About page?

Firstly, your About page, is where you can be genuine and authentic about your journey and experiences (explained in short, concise sentences). Your audience gets to know a little bit about you, and hopefully be wowed or agreeing.

And secondly your About page presents clearly what your blog is about, it’s purpose and what it offers your audience, in a nutshell.

To write a captivating About page, here’s 9 essential elements you need to include:

1. An eye worthy graphic

Your eyes are drawn to images at first. Be sure to create professional, eye candy type of graphics related to the page  – I recommend using Canva.

2. A catchy, magnetic headline, in a larger, bold font.

Your mind is drawn to words.

Your headline are the first words your reader reads. It echos what your site offers.

Your headline must be clear, concise and speak to your audience.

3. Use catchy headlines to seperate the next paragraphs

This breaks up your text, and highlights the next thing you’re saying. Useage of headlines makes the page scannable, as people have short attention spans and like to skip details.

4. Keep all your sentences short and concise

Keep it to 2-4 sentences to a paragraph. This makes it easy to read, easy on the eye and not painful to wade through too much text.

You want to keep people captivated, not for them to lose concentration and click off the page from boredom!

5. Your journey from your struggles to your discovery or success

Nobody likes robotic, boring, factual content.

Here’s where your personality and voice shines through. This is where your audience gets to meet you. Be you, have a friendly, conversational tone.

Remember you want to make friends and influence people!

Your story will connect with some of your readers, hopefully resonate with the ones you aim to attract, and you have the potential to convert them to being a loyal follower!

Keep your story to 3 paragraphs maximum – people want to know you but not everything about you!

6. What’s your blog about?

This is where your BRAND shines through. Your brand is you, combined with what you do and how you do what you do. Therefore, your brand is unique:

You is what drives you, what you value, love, are obsessive about.

What you do is the problems you are solving.

How you do what you do is how you deliver the the solutions – in a way relevant to your audience.

This blog isn’t about you. It’s about your specific audience. This is where you know who they are. Reveal to your audience their needs and problems. How and where you can help them.  Keep this concise and precise. No waffling here. Bingo!

7. The benefits of your blog

Your audience is only interested in what benefits them, not you! What are the benefits your blog offers them? List them – it makes it easier to read.

What results should the reader expect from these benefits? No exaggerations.  Are there any testimonials/quotes you can post up here?

Testimonials tell, sell and lend credibility to your work/results.

8. Call to action

Don’t be passive on any page! And especially not this page. You can’t leave the reader exiting without any action from them.   

What do you want to them to do? Direct them to an email sign up on the page, links to your other pages – something that provides value to that reader.

9. Invitation to engage

Ask your audience a question or two, invite them to comment or to contact you. This encourages action and engagement.

Now, that was easier than you thought wasn’t it? Go ahead and start writing up your most captivating version of your About page….then publish!

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