What’s ‘the happy life’?

It truely is ‘the happy life’ when you can work how and when you want – by turning your passion into profit!   Do you have a natural gifting for writing, speaking or teaching? Maybe you have abit of an entrepreneurial spirit and want to do something challenging and purposeful?

Start a blog as a business, with freedom being the goal.

Indeed, blogging is fun and flexible. How satisfying would it be when readers find your blog useful and become fanatical. And even more fulfilling, to see your time and energy be used to help other people. Yes, making money is the journey, but ultimately, freedom is what you’re after. Well, what’s the fun in blogging when you can’t be rewarded with more freedom to do what you love doing?  

4 convincing reasons you would blog for profit:

  • help your readers solve their problems
  • show others how they can turn their passion into profit using what they already have
  • do this while utilising your own giftings, experience and skills
  • earn an income that can change your life and give you the freedom you want.

Who’s Helen?

I’m Helen, a christian wife, mother, and blogger who loves helping people solve problems. I have a Bachelor of Business Studies Degree in Marketing. My background is in starting and building businesses, leadership, and team building. Mostly I just want to inspire others to live the happy life!

NZ is the place to be!

My family and I are blessed to  live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Auckland, New Zealand. I’m of Chinese descent, born in Guangzhou, China. I immigrated with my family to NZ as a child. Very quickly, I got immersed into the “kiwi”/ “New Zealand european” culture, ahem, hence my rusty cantonese!

Yes, I’m obsessed with Jesus, family and church. I love writing, teaching, and business.  Above all, I want to help others make a living doing what they love. I believe you’re only limited by your beliefs – not by your externals like your current financial situation or life. It’s all about your inner thought life and perspective; change that and you’ll live differently.

What about you?

Perhaps like me, you want to help out with the family’s finances by starting a blog, but you just don’t know how.  If you’re working the routine 40+ hours a week job, and you feel stuck or frustrated, I feel for you.  Maybe you left a high paying profession to now be a stay at home Mum. Or you’re looking to make extra income but are not sure what to do next. Maybe you’re simply bored?

Well, whatever your situation is, right now, you have the opportunity to change your life by using what you have. You can start a blog, grow it and monetize it. I’m here to help you to do just that.

You’d love to turn your passion into profit, I just know it!

Let’s get started. Hop on here, and pretty soon, you’ll be onto the happy life.

Why should you start a blog?