‘I hate my job, should I quit?’

I get you!  Awhile back, I started a part-time job because I wanted to do something more structured with my time, and to help contribute to my family’s income.

I applied for a part time job and to my surprise I got an interview and before I knew it, I had landed the job! It seemed so easy! I was ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to start.

Ughh, do I need to work today?

However, a month into the job, I started dreading going to work – I’d wake up and think, ‘oh no I have to go to work today, I wish I didn’t have to’.  I dragged myself to work.

It was the type of work I had to do, I had little training and there was just too much to learn in a short space of time, too technical and mostly, the industry just wasn’t my thing.

Naturally my enthusiasm dived, which meant I wasn’t concentrating as well as I should have been.

You got, what?

I would’ve stayed in that job if I hadn’t been fired, because after all, it was only a 25 hour a week, 12 month contract – perfectly endurable I thought. You heard it right, I got fired! But that’s another story (with a good ending). More on that later.

So, don’t get fired from your job, even if you hate it!  If this is your first job out of university,  I’d say it’s a good idea to stick at it – “what! stick at something I dread going to every day?’ ‘that’s insane!”. Yes, at least for one year, as time goes fast! (I know it may seem slow to some of us).

Ah, longevity, that long lost value.

This is to show that you have ‘longevity’ that you gained experience, built your skills, character, and reputation. Wow what great benefits of enduring! Ultimately, one year of work experience looks much better on your CV than say, 3 or 9 months. I’ve been an employer before, so I know what to look for in resumes and at interviews.

We loved employees who could stick around. Our last two employees were with us for 3-5 years, both were fresh graduates. They’re one in a million! Did I say we loved them?

How do I endure?

How do you endure or stick at a job you hate? Unless your job has placed you in moral or personal danger, I’d encourage you to stay in your job for at least a year. If you set a definite time goal, you know you can endure it.

Ok, not every task is enjoyable, neither will the people around you be totally fun to be with. Just accept that this happens everywhere. Some people want to quit because they don’t quite have the people skills or healthy self esteem to relate to others well.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

It matters less how mis-matched you think you and the job are, compared to how you respond – your attitude is all important. While you may not be able to choose the responsibilities or work environment, you can choose your attitude!

Other kind-of-valid reasons for quitting:

  • boredom
  • authority issues
  • mis-communications
  • cultural misunderstandings
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • incompetancy
  • low pay
  • unfriendly/hostile co-workers

I agree, these are reasonably valid reasons. However, the fact is, most people quit their job because they can’t emotionally handle the pressure – when it gets relationally hard. I mean, it’s tough facing a negative, highly critical boss or co-worker, day in and day out.

Well, who doesn’t want a happy, positive, fun working environment? Yes, please! I’m telling you, you can make a difference to those around you. Be the one who turns others around! Be the salt and the light! (but not too ‘salty’ ok).

Thankfulness gives you joy back.

At least you can be thankful for your salary/wages. You can pay off your bills and maybe enjoy more shopping and eating out on the weekends right?

The thing is, most people expect their job/workplace to change for them, but they’re not prepared to change or know how to change what they can. And the good news, is you can! Praying is a good idea at this stage.

How do you not quit?

Here’s 3 “how to endure when you feel like quitting” keys so that by the time you do move on, you’re “promoted”. You’re equipped for your next challenge because you built more into your character and skill set by overcoming not-so-ideal situations.

3 Keys to staying in your job and enjoying it:

#1 Give it all you’ve got.

Decide to do your very best, in attitude and effort. Be wholehearted at everything, even at all the small, boring, menial, monotonous tasks. Own your job like you’re the Boss!

You’re releasing your potential when you do this. You don’t know what you have till you’ve given out 100%. You’ll then discover abilities or gifts you have and this can promote you to your next new role.

#2 Praise

Find something or someone to compliment or be thankful for.  Speak it out to yourself or to the person or team. The more you speak that is positive, the better motivated and more energised you’ll feel.

You’ll find your work more enjoyable too. And your work mates may start flocking around you because you’re brimming with happiness and helpfulness!

#3 Be consistent.

It’s very tempting to give in to negative emotions, especially if you’ve already given the best of your energy to enjoyable personal activities beyond work. Being consistent means intentionally deciding to be wholehearted and positive, each and every day. Feelings follow thoughts.

It isn’t easy to maintain focus, but if you can be consistent, you’re not only building your character, you’re building the business that’s hired you, and you’d stand out for that!

Go on, you can do it.

Why don’t you put these into practice today? What is stopping you from practicing the above? What is the belief or beliefs you need to change in order for you to overcome?

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