Junk it out and feel better organised.

Junk it out! Or in other words: de-junk, de-clutter, minimalise. It’s almost spring time, so time for a spring clean folks! And you’ll want to save on space and money too. Does your house contain too much stuff? Way too many clothes you bought on impulse, that appliance you thought you’d use everyday? Cute little trinkets you fell in love with..for 5 seconds then bought?  Emotional buying? Been there, done that..and now..it’s time to be rational to de-clutter – on purpose, with a purpose. IE, let’s sell some of that junk cos it might be someone else’s treasure! In NZ, we have an auctions and classifieds site where you can buy and sell almost anything, similar to Ebay. I just love it – for a fee, you can buy and sell at your heart’s content. I use this site all the time, it is just so handy and there’s tons of people on there, browsing all the time, 24/7. I’m totally an armchair seller and buyer. Now you can forget digging into your savings to buy more stuff – just sell what you don’t want, what you don’t need and exchange it for cold, hard cash, so you can buy things you need, that you’ll actually use or buy a gift for someone else, or just put this cash back into your savings. Got a rainy day and nothing to do? (or you could just plan a time). Go around each room, or ask your family members to de-junk, sort it all out in the garage – you can make a party of it, going through all that stuff, laughing over the memories on that stuffed toy your kid used to lug around everywhere or Grandma’s foot spa that you gifted her but she gave back to you…it’s ok not to feel guilty – maybe you can buy her or treat her to something she’d really like instead! There’s probably a few (good. used. working. not broken) things you’d like to give away to a friend, family member or neighbour if they need it, and the rest can be donated to a charitable cause. Just remember, you’re recycling stuff, so it’s a really good thing. Awesome! You might now find you’ve now got a bit more space in your home and abit more cash in your hands. Aaaaaah this feels good. Quick Tips on de-junking: Haul together all the stuff you don’t need anymore
  • Give away the stuff to friends, family, neighbours
  • Donate items to a charitable cause
  • List the items you want to sell on a buy/sell site
  • Price the items accordingly, compare yours to others on the site, make sure the photos and the description are clear and concise
  • If it sells too fast, you’ve priced it too low, if it takes ages to sell, its priced too high
  • Use the lowest reserve if you just want someone else to take it away for you!
  • Rejoice in the additional space and the cash from the sales!
Do you have junk that you can turn into treasure? Start today!    

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