Thrifting – another form of saving.

Thrifting to save! Thrifting or op shopping was we call it here, can be a fun and exhilarating experience! I love recycling things, and often, I’ll buy recycled items – I mean why spend top dollars on stuff that you can buy for a mere few dollars? I say, save that money for a holiday! It’s a good thing to go thrift shopping. You can buy almost anything from household items, and furniture to clothing! Thrift shops profits go towards a good cause, you’re helping the environment by buying recycled items and saving money all at the same time. So why not try it if you’ve never been before? Oh and also, you can donate your unwanted but good items to thrift shops too. There’s only a few things I wouldn’t buy second hand and that is DEVICES, ie mobile phones notebooks, and earphones simply because I see them as work tools so they need to be hygenic(!) have warranties, and be super reliable, hopefully lasting many years to come. Also they’re an investment. Other than that, I’m happy to buy anything else that’s pre-loved/used/on clearance. Here are some quick tips on making the best out of thrifting:
  1. Make a list of things you need to buy, but can wait to buy, and don’t mind buying second hand.
  2. Decide a budget of how much you want to spend and stick to it!
  3. Plan a good half day trip to go around your local thrift stores – map out the stores that are in the same area and visit those ones, saving you driving time and petrol costs.
  4. Once at the store, quickly browse around the whole store, then zoom in/pick out what you need. Prices are pretty much the same per store – besides all their profits goes towards good causes.
  5. Make sure you inspect for holes, faults, stains etc and be happy with your purchase cos you can’t return em!
  6. Enjoy your items and relish in the thought that you’ve helped others, the environment and your bank account!
Do you enjoy thrifting? What are some of your experiences from this?

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