7 tips on how to blog like a pro

You’re reading this because you want to blog like a pro. I know I want to, and it took me awhile to figure this out. I’ve learnt a few things along the way and one huge reason is that you want readers to keep, no, love reading and coming back to read your awesome posts – and that’s why you want to blog like a pro, right?

Every successful blog as we know, has to have loyal, loving, addicted readers. No readers = no potential business to be had. Readers read to solve a problem, or a need that they have, like for example, to learn something they need to know. Readers who are content and satisfied, don’t see a need to solve or change anything.

Think of why you called a marriage counselor, went shopping for that new phone, why you called the plumber or went out to buy more groceries. Why? You had a problem to solve. Or you had pain, and needed to fix that pain.

Your blog solves a problem your reader has.

So, the purpose of your blog has to help people solve a problem: you’re offering a solution. Want readers to come to your blog?  Then what’s the problem you’re solving for them?  Your blog could be offering advice, products, a service – whatever it is, it’s clearly a solution to a problem your reader has

.For example, it can be something you’ve encountered in your own life. You had frustration then had a breakthrough. This very experience may be other people’s breakthrough for them too. Therefore, problem + solution = purpose.

Now, turn your blog into a readers’ magnet:

After defining the problem you’re helping readers to solve, that then is what the purpose of you blog is. Now, this should permeate right throughout your blog; everywhere the reader turns, the purpose shines through.

What’s next? Here I’ve spelt out below, 7 must haves in your blog content that keep your blog professional and attractive, like a magnet to your readers. Constantly keep these in mind as you write and you’ll keep ’em coming back for more!

1. The solution & problem is clearly stated from the start.

Can you phrase the solution or problem you’re offering in a sentence, as a slogan perhaps? For my blog here, the problem is how to “turn your passion into profit”. The solution is: by starting, growing and monetizing your blog.

2. The heart of your blog permeates everything you write

You might be thinking, well, is this original or not? Do I sound like everyone else? The wording might be cliche, but your belief (or conviction) and your voice (your perspective) is what’s unique to you, so let it resound and permeate through your entire blog. How? Be confident and true to yourself, don’t shy away and write like you’re someone else, just be you and be confident in that. 

3. Its all about the reader, not you.

Pitch all your content to the reader, its about them not you (yep we’re quite self centred people, what a surprise!). People are looking at what they need, what they want, what you’ve got to offer them. Now that shouldn’t be too hard – start thinking about yourself – why are you reading this? It’s for you! Remember, you’re a customer, a reader, a client too. So you’ve got this now – it’s all about the reader, not you.

4. Show that you’re genuine and personal.

Photos of you and your family show that you’re not a cold hard corporate entity or some robot. And the photo needn’t be polished, 100% photoshopped. People like to be real, relate to others, and feel connected to you.  Also, because everyone’s online, (not in person) we need to be able to trust the person behind their words and images. Be transparent with your experiences and background. If you’re not too proud of it, that’s ok, because many of us can relate to the down times we’ve gone through. We’d appreciate seeing that side of you, cos after all, we’re all human.

5. Write clearly, succinctly, persuasively.

Be reader focused, remember. It’s all about the reader. I do tend to waffle sometimes but I catch myself out. Readers want catchy, genuine, clear instruction or conversation. Not formal, polite, wordy babble.  Who has time for that when they’re trying to solve a problem? Readers’ attention spans are shrinking too cos there’s so much to take in. Over the internet, they’re browsing endlessly, with endless choices. You need to catch their attention with catchy copy – words, phrases, content and visuals (more on that later).

6. Content is king and so is consistency.

Keep your content  fresh, un-repetitive, relevant, engaging.  Be consistent, for eg, weekly posting up new content is essential to draw your readers back and engaged. Does it need to be original – no, it’s all been written before, if you google it! But your content has your voice and perspective on it, so that’s what makes the difference. Research well, facts are facts, not opinions – make that clear.  

If you’re sharing an experience, it’s your experience, keep it real but not overly personal or tmi! Cite other people’s work or link their sites, don’t claim it as your own, to be ethical. Be obvious with disclaimers – all these things show you are sincere and transparent: they’re trust builders. Trust is #1 in any relationship, be it business or personal.

7. Always present a call to action (cta).

The aim of such engaging, relevant content, is to be able to pique your reader’s interest and to connect with them, build relationships with them. The first call to action is for your reader to subscribe to your mailing list via a freebie, via your landing page or social media outlet.

So why emails? Isn’t that old fashioned, abit out dated? Not at all. Emails are unlike social media, when updates get posted, old posts get lost. Not emails. Emails are personal and stay in the inbox ‘till they’re deleted by the user. You can easily locate your emails and read them repeatedly, as much as you want.

Now, once your reader has subscribed and read your first email, you’ll want to keep them warm and engaged with weekly, personal toned emails, strategically offering them more freebies and then offering them something they’ll want to buy from you, continue to buy and spread the word to others –  that’s the ultimate!

You want to be rewarded for all your hard work – how satisfying is that! Your blog is a business and that’s how it’ll grow. The first $1 is the hardest to make.

This means you’ll need an email marketing platform, like Mailchimp. More on this later.

Now that you’ve understood the why, purpose and essentials of a blog, you’re ready to jump into How to Set Up Your Blog Bluehost – a step by step guide.

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